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Aaron Blevins repairs and resurfaces bathtubs. He came to me in need of a website. He’d already established a Wix website with another graphic designer.  The website was at it’s beginning stages and minimal production had taken place.  I opted to start from scratch and give him a completely new and fresh direction.  The main focus of his website was to list and describe the services offered and to display a before and after photo gallery. 


His business had been operating for a couple of years and utilized a dated logo design.  He did want to keep the main illustration of the woman in the bathtub.  Due to the nature of the illustration and his request to keep it, I focused on cleaning up the art and updating it with a fresh and relevant color scheme along with modern font styles.     


His new web presence has put Crossroads Bathtub Refinishing at top of the list with local competition and in turn, business has increased.

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